Welcome to Gingko !

We're a Taiwan-based task lgiht designer & manufacturer.

More than 30 years of expertise in task light R&D. We are fully devoted to producing high quality and affordable task light products.

We have a strong design team and we are always working on improving exisiting models and developing new products. Our design director is certified by iF design award, IDEA and G-mark.

100% Original design


All our models can be shipped with clamp, desk base or floor-standing set.

The clamp is very popular among office furniture contractor. It occupies very little space and costs a lot less than the desk base. Our clamp can be attached to desktop or cabinet shelf as long as the thickness is under 4 centimeters. The major part is aluminum with silver paint. The handler is carefully chosen for users' safety.


The desk base is the best-selling accessory. It carries different balance weights according to the size of the task light model. The major part is iron with silver paint and the balance weight is steel plate(s).

The floor-standing set is recommended to go with single arm models. It is a perfect accessory when users need illumination away from the desktop. For example, it can be placed near sofa/armchair, piano and so on.